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Remote Nursing Roles to Apply to in October

For many nurses, the work day looks like running around a hospital wing, often in panic mode. After, it's not uncommon for the feeling of dread to set in before their next shift at the hospital. While there are many in-person nursing jobs that aren’t like this, remote nursing roles are becoming an increasingly popular option–and one of the best ways to avoid this scenario.

With a remote nursing role, you can perform nursing duties from the comfort of your own home. This means you can say goodbye to the commute and have more control over your work environment.

For many nurses, remote work has led to better work/life balance and mental health. If you’re interested in experiencing the WFH life, consider applying to these remote nursing roles in October 2023.

Are you qualified for remote nursing jobs?

Before you apply for remote nursing roles, make sure you are qualified. For most remote nursing roles, you need to have:

  • BSN/ADN degree

  • RN license

  • RN experience, including nursing clinicals for more junior roles

  • BLS/CPR certification

  • Computer literacy

Depending on the job, there are also certain certifications and training that can make you more attractive. These include:

  • RN-BC, board certification in a specialty such as this popular health informatics certification

  • CTTN for telephone triage nursing

  • CCM or CMGT-BC for case management roles

  • CCRP for clinical trial nursing

  • CCRA for clinical research roles

  • A NLC compact RN, which lets you work in more than one state

If you don’t have all of these requirements, don’t fret. Other than a nursing license and degree, none are absolutely necessary, and many are easy to learn or obtain before applying to remote nursing roles.

How to find the right role

Being qualified for a role and enjoying a role are two different things–and both should be equally important in your search. While your skill set might qualify you for many remote roles, you’ll most likely be happier in certain roles than in others.

When scrolling through job postings or searching on the HireMe Healthcare app, consider the following questions:

  • Is there a specific subspecialty I’d prefer, such as oncology nursing or remote case management?

  • Do I prefer to support patients directly or do I want a more administrative role?

  • What are my nursing interests and how can I find a job that incorporates multiple passions?

  • What are my strongest skills and the ones I’d like to improve the most? What would a remote nursing role which utilizes my strengths and gives my room to grow look like?

  • Are there any specific must-haves in my next remote nursing role?

  • Review our page dedicated entirely to Remote Nursing Jobs for more insights.

Remote nursing roles hiring in October, 2023

  • Remote Perinatal RN: this employer is looking for RNs with unrestricted compact licenses and four years of hospital experience. The pay range is $31-36 an hour and the role includes equity compensation, flexible vacation, and other benefits.

  • Remote Clinical Reviewer - Medicare: this employer is looking for RNs or LVN/LPNs with at least 2 years of clinical experience and one year of medicare experience. The pay range is $28-$38 an hour and the role includes PTO, tuition reimbursement, paid parental leave, and other benefits.

  • Remote Utilization Review Nurse: review medical charts and issue pre-authorizations on treatment. The candidate should have prior utilization review experience in a clinical or nonclinical setting. The listed pay range is $34-$37 an hour.

  • Assistant Nurse manager: A fully remote role for an experienced RN who is passionate about caring for members, teammates, and patients. Pay ranges from $43-49 an hour, depending on experience.

  • Remote RX Fulfillment Coordinator: MA or LPN role to process prescriptions ordered by telehealth providers. The pay starts at $20 an hour.

Interested in any of these remote roles? All five and hundreds more like them are available on the HireMe Healthcare app. Download the app for free and apply to one or more of these roles in less than thirty minutes.


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