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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why did you start HireMe Healthcare?
    HireMe was started after Trey, one of our co-founders, witnessed the inefficiencies in hiring healthcare professionals first-hand. By building a platform that's made specifically for healthcare professionals and those who hire them, HireMe facilitates smoother connections and fill jobs with long-termhires.
  • What makes HireMe Healthcare different?
    HireMe is designed specifically for licensed healthcare professionals and the people who hire them. Our main focus is on making long-term, permanent placements, which differientiates us from travel agencies and other recruitment firms. At our start, we are focused on connecting healthcare professionals here in North Carolina to permanent positions in healthcare facilities across the state.
  • How does HireMe Healthcare match candidates to a position?
    We've built an algorithm that specifically finds candidates who match what you determine you need in the new hire. The algorithm considers factors such as license and certificate requirements and matches you with candidates who have those credentials. One of the biggest things we set out to accomplish with this algorithm was to find the perfect balance between check-box items such as licensure and human elements such as fit. Our hope is that this algorithm will help you find the best new hires who will be with your team for a long time!
  • How often do you post new jobs?
    Because the facilities are the ones posting the jobs, the answer to this depends on each facility. Check your notifications and email for updates about new postings near you!
  • How do I search for jobs using HireMe Healthcare?
    We're so glad you asked, and the answer is simple. All you have to do is go to the Apple or Google Play store to download the app. From there you can set up your profile and begin applying to jobs immediately. We designed it so it's easy enough to do while you're drinking your morning coffee!
  • What happens when I select "One-Click Apply" on the app?
    So you found a job you like and decide to apply? That's great! After you tap "One-Click Apply", the person who is responsible for hiring for this position is notified directly. They will then review your credentials and reach back out to you directly in the app chat feature if they would like to continue the conversation. Be sure to check your chat for new messages from hiring managers!
  • How do I post a job on HireMe Healthcare?
    This is simple! All you have to do is complete the form on this page so the HMH team can follow-up with you about setting up an account. It's simple and cost-efficient!
  • How do I optimize my job description to attract the right candidates?
    We love this question, and we love to assist with writing great job descriptions even more! Thanks to the time we've spent researching and listening to nurses, we know what they want to see in a job description. Reach out if you'd like support in writing a JD so you attract the kinds of candidates that will best fit the role.
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Don't see your question above? Contact us directly!


We aim to respond within 48 hours of receiving an inquiry. Until then, explore the website and, if you're a nurse, download the app and create your profile today! 

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