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Here’s How to Launch Your Remote Nursing Career in Charlotte, North Carolina

A remote nursing role comes with amazing perks, such as better work/life balance, no commute to work, and a less stressful work environment. Thanks to the health tech boom in North Carolina and the state’s issuing of compact licenses, Charlotte, North Carolina is a great place to launch a remote nursing career. As a North Carolinian or someone hoping to work in the state, here’s how to find–and land–a remote nursing job.

Types of Remote Jobs

If you’re wondering what exactly remote nurses do, you’re not alone. When working in person, it can be hard to see how patient care can be replicated virtually. While remote nurses don’t perform the same duties as their in-person counterparts, there is some overlap.

Remote nurses provide care in virtual appointments. They might also be responsible for managing cases, following up with patients to see how care is going, and investigating insurance claims. Some remote nurses perform duties outside of direct care, such as nurse education, improving health informatics systems, and recruiting other nurses.

What you can do as a remote nurse is endless. To find the best option for you, journal about what elements of your job you like and dislike. Afterward, read through remote job postings and bookmark jobs that are more aligned with your list of likes than dislikes.

How to Get a Remote Job

Remote jobs are in higher demand, making the application process more competitive. Add on top that you have no remote work experience and it may seem unlikely that you would be a top candidate.

The keyword here is seem. While you might feel like you lack the right work experience, you probably have everything you need to land a remote nursing role. Your duties as a nurse working in person directly translate to the remote workspace. Some top remote work skills you probably possess include:

  • Time management

  • Discipline and self-motivation

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Adaptability

  • Knowledge and experience in a specific specialty or type of nursing

Before you search for a remote job, write down times you’ve demonstrated each of these skills. These make great talking points during interviews or additions to your HireMe Healthcare profile.

For more on how to land a remote nursing role in Charlotte and other cities, explore our ultimate guide to remote nursing.

Landing a Remote Role in Charlotte

To land a remote nursing job in Charlotte, there’s one thing you need to have: a license that works in North Carolina. While the job is remote, your license needs to be valid in the state where you live and work.

If you don’t have a license in North Carolina, a compact license (one that works in many states) should also suit the licensure requirements for most employers. A compact license also allows North Carolina nurses to apply for jobs in nearby states, like Tennessee and South Carolina.

Benefits of a Compact License

The North Carolina Board of Nursing compares a compact license to a driver’s license. If your driver's license was issued in North Carolina, you can drive your car in Georgia on that same license. A compact nursing license works the same way.

A multi-state or compact license can be utilized in any state that accepts them. Currently, 41 states accept compact licenses. That means North Carolina nurses in Charlotte with a compact license can apply to remote nursing roles in 41 states, expanding available opportunities.

More opportunities mean you can tailor your job search to ideal pay ranges, skills to develop while working, and nurse specialties. This gives you more control over your remote nursing career and job search.

Remote Nursing Roles in North Carolina That Are Hiring Today

Ready to jumpstart your remote nursing career? Explore our featured jobs page. If you see any jobs you like, you can apply for them on the HireMe Healthcare app. Your dream (remote) nursing role is one app download away!


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