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HireMe Healthcare

Bringing nurses and clinics together with matching technology and direct interactions

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We believe in a future where hiring nurses - or job seeking as a nurse - isn't totally dreadful

We're realizing that future by building simple, easy to use technology. It highlights all the best features of the nurse looking for the job, and it promotes the most important elements of the jobs themselves.

The outcome? A straightforward process that promotes the human behind the application. 

Hiring is a human process, after all. 

We built technology that prioritizes the human behind the application.

About HireMe Healthcare

We build for you.

Feedback matters.

Our entire journey has been a series of asking our users: what matters to you? 

Our technology is built by expert developers, but it's guided by what you - our users - say matters.

We believe in better.

Do you know anyone who enjoys looking for a job? 

Have you ever been responsible for hiring a new team member?

It'll never be easy - but we believe it doesn't have to be dreadful.

The people make the place.

Ultimately, it's the people that make the place. That's true for friends and colleagues, and we want to be a part of bringing people together in meaningful ways. 

Doctor's Appointment

HireMe Healthcare was built with one goal in mind

improving the hiring process by promoting a better connection between healthcare professionals and clinics.

The high-technology website and app design allows candidates and hiring teams to match with one another based on specific wants and needs, followed by direct communication.

Our solutions empower better relationships with healthcare professionals from the start of a job posting all the way through one's career.

By working together, we can change healthcare hiring for the better. Using our job platform is where we can begin. Finding your perfect match in a career can be life-changing.

Meet the Team

The people behind HireMe are passionate about building a product that empowers the nurse community.


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We're constantly adding new job opportunities.


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