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The Most Common Remote Nursing Jobs in 2024

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If you’re looking for a remote nursing job, 2024 is your year. More healthcare companies are hiring remote nurses than ever before, and there are plenty of job openings and room for growth in the remote nursing world. To get you started on your search, we’ve outlined the most common remote nursing job titles and the salary and requirements for each.

Telephone Triage Nurse

The most traditional nursing role is assisting doctors in direct patient care. Telephone triage nurses fulfill that responsibility in a remote capacity. This could include recording vitals over a video call or asking about symptoms on a phone call.

Roles in this field are open to LPNs, RNs, and NPs. Pay is often similar to that of in-person nurses, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics places at $81,220 annually on average. Like in full-time roles, remote triage nurses often work shifts as opposed to a 9-5 schedule.

This role is great for nurses who:

  • Prefer to work in direct patient care

  • Enjoy collaborating with other healthcare professionals

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Are looking for a consistent work schedule

  • Wouldn’t like to be on virtual calls for the majority of their shift

Case Manager

Along with providing direct care, nurses can also manage the many moving parts of a patient’s case. This includes filing insurance claims, booking referred appointments with specialists, and following up with patients to see how a treatment plan is progressing. Because many of these tasks can be done remotely, there are many nurse case management roles that are 100% WFH or hybrid.

Nurse case managers often make between $62,000 to $101,000 a year on average. Many remote job listings require nurses to have their BSN, though some roles are open to non-BSN RNs and LPNs. More competitive candidates for this role will have a few years of nursing experience on top of their education.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Enjoys project management

  • Are adept at administrative work

  • Identify as detail-oriented

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Prefer to provide direct patient care

  • Dislike administrative-heavy roles

  • Prefer shift work without as many take-home or continuous tasks

Nurse Informaticist

As technology progresses, more nurse informaticists are needed to manage technology and health data. Since this role requires nurses to optimize healthcare systems and interpret data using their nursing expertise, it’s usually possible to work remotely.

With an average salary of $82,580 per year, nurse informaticists make slightly more than the national average. Usually, nurse informaticists have their BSN and some experience or additional education with healthcare technology.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Like healthcare technology and medical records

  • Are interested in a data-heavy role

  • Enjoy the process of optimizing systems for better patient care

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Want to provide direct patient care

  • Dislike data and optimizing technology to improve the patient experience

  • Don’t have previous experience or education in health technology

Insurance Claims

While we traditionally think of hospitals and healthcare practices employing nurses, insurance companies do too. Nurses who work in insurance claims utilize their industry knowledge to analyze the validity of a claim and investigate whether it is valid. They may also coordinate how much the insurance company and patient will pay.

Often, nurses need a BSN to work on insurance claims. They should also be familiar with how insurance plans operate and be interested in working a more typical 9-5 instead of providing patient care during nursing shifts. While the salary for nurses hired by insurance companies varies, it can be higher than the pay provided by smaller practices and equal to that provided by larger hospitals.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Are familiar with insurance claims and policy types

  • Want to work a traditional 9-5 job

  • Prefer to work in the administrative side of healthcare

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Want to provide direct patient care

  • Are looking for a hands-on way to make an impact in patients’ lives

  • Prefer working shifts

Nurse Education

Nurse educators provide training and hands-on learning opportunities to current nurses. They help others expand their expertise in the field and play a major role in the professional development of others. Often, nurse educators work remotely or in a hybrid context, if the education they provide requires in-person experimental modules.

Since they are training other nurses, nurse educators often have more experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Salary for this role can be higher than others, though this depends on the employer and a nurse’s professional background.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Are interested in enhancing other nurses’ professional development

  • Likes to educate and help newer nurses

  • Are passionate about continuing education for nurses

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Prefer a role with direct patient care

  • Don’t like mentoring others or speaking in front of groups of nurses

  • Are newer to the field of nursing

Clinical Nurse

Clinical research teams often hire nurses to coordinate different aspects of a clinical trial and provide care to trial participants. While some roles may require in-person elements, such as taking the vitals of trial participants, the administrative side of clinical nursing roles can be done remotely.

Nurses with any educational background may be eligible for clinical nursing roles. These roles pay about the same as other nursing roles, though there may be a higher volume of part-time jobs in this field than in other nursing specialties.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Are passionate about medical research

  • Have experience in conducting clinical trials

  • Enjoy continual learning and professional growth

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Prefer to provide direct patient care

  • Unfamiliar with medical research methods

  • Would prefer a more straight-forward role with less take-home work

Nurse Recruitment and Management

With the nationwide nursing shortage, companies are hiring nurses to recruit other nurses for their hospitals, private practices, and healthcare companies. There are also many opportunities in nurse management for more experienced nurses or those with a master’s degree in nurse administration.

While a master’s degree is often required for managerial roles, there are roles in nurse recruitment for all educational backgrounds. Typically, these roles pay similarly to other remote nursing jobs.

This role is for nurses who:

  • Enjoy the administrative side of nursing

  • Like to discuss professional development with other nurses

  • Prefer a 9-5 job as opposed to shift work

This role isn’t for nurses who:

  • Don’t want to be on the phone with other nurses all-day

  • Aren’t interested in recruitment or managerial work

  • Want to provide direct patient care

Remote Nursing Jobs are One App Away

If any of these roles sound interesting to you, we have good news. Our free app, HireMe Healthcare, has remote job openings for all these fields and more. Download the app today and start scrolling for your dream job.


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