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Everything you need to land a remote nurse job

You love your job as a nurse, but the work from home envy is strong. Whenever a friend texts you while walking their dog instead of commuting to work or someone posts about their midday yoga session in their living room, you wish your job didn’t involve going into the hospital or a private practice.

Luckily, there are plenty of open remote nurse jobs–and you’re probably more qualified for them than you think.

From the types of remote roles available for nurses to the skills you need to thrive as a work from home nurse, this guide covers everything you need to know to land a remote nurse job.

Understand the types of remote roles

Like in-person nursing jobs, remote nurses perform many different roles. No two remote nursing roles are the same, but there are common types of remote jobs out there. These include telehealth nursing, remote case management, remote informatics work, and investigating insurance claims. To learn more about each type of role and what experience you need for each, check out our guide to different types of remote nursing jobs.

Look at open remote nursing roles

Reading job advertisements for roles that are currently hiring is a good place to start. Multiple open remote roles are listed on our featured jobs page and can give you a better idea of necessary qualifications and what you’ll do in different remote roles.

Explore how your skill set applies to a remote nursing job

Often, employers look for different skills in remote nurse jobs than in-person ones. But before you close the tab because you have no telehealth experience, it is possible to develop remote nurse skills in an in-person job.

Some of the most in-demand skills for remote nurses include:

  • Self-motivation and discipline

  • Time management

  • Great communication

  • Adaptability and resilience

  • Ability to work digitally

As a nurse, you most likely have experience with almost all of these skills. To prepare for the job search and interviews, write down times you used each skill, either at work or in your personal life.

Perhaps during an understaffed shift, you took the lead and helped your fellow nurses manage 20 patients with just four nurses on the floor. That example would showcase self-motivation, time management, communication and adaptability.

Or maybe you help manage the social media account for a local nonprofit or tutor children in how to use computers. While not work-related, both would showcase the ability to work digitally.

Improve your skills as needed

If you find that you’re missing any of the skills listed above, free continuing education options can help fill the gap. Free CEUs, like Lead for Care from HireMe Healthcare, improve nurses’ adaptability and resilience.

You can also download the most commonly used (and free) remote work apps, such as Slack, or volunteer to add patient data to your practice’s EHR for extra experience. A half hour to learn the basics of Slack or enter data into the EHR can give you experience to discuss in remote job interviews.

As you improve any skills, highlight them during the job search. You can do this by adding a continuing education section on your resume or on job platforms or by talking about the continuing education experience in job interviews.

Make a remote job search plan

After you beef up your skills, it’s time to look for that remote nurse job.

Before you start your search, save this checklist so you don’t forget any steps:

  • Download or sign up for any job platforms where you’ll search for new roles

  • Tailor your resume (or skip the resume all together on certain nursing job apps)

  • Schedule some time to practice interview questions and read free resources on acing the job search

For more job search advice, check out our ultimate guide to landing a remote nursing role.

Free resources tailored to the remote nurse job hunt

There are many free resources out there to help you find a new nursing role. There’s also platforms devoted to helping people find remote work. But few platforms marry the two together. Luckily, there is a free platform designed with remote nurse roles in mind: HireMe Healthcare.


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