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Remote Nursing Jobs

Nurse expertise is needed in all sorts of roles. Read more about remote nurse jobs on this page.

Remote Nursing Jobs Are Waiting For You To Apply

Picture this: you wake up and don’t have to rush to your shift at the hospital. Instead, you take your dog for a walk and make a coffee before sitting down at your cozy WFH space. Remote nursing jobs make that morning routine a reality for nurses of all skills levels and backgrounds. 


But finding the time to search and apply for nursing jobs between shifts is another story. You could spend your limited free time searching for remote nursing positions on LinkedIn and Indeed and add any interesting roles to a cluttered spreadsheet. 

Or you could spend less than an hour scrolling and applying for jobs on a free app designed for nurses. No spreadsheets or browser tab overwhelm required.


If the second option sounds better, we have good news. HireMe Healthcare and amazing remote nursing jobs are one app download away. 


It’s time to land your dream remote nursing job in North Carolina. We’re here to make that a reality faster.

Examples of Remote Jobs for Nurses 

Typing on a Computer

Remote Perinatal RN

WFH Setup

Remote Clinical Reviewer

Working Cafe

Remote Nurse Manager

Working From Home

Remote Nurse Content Writer

What is Remote Nursing?

Remote jobs are similar to in-person ones. For both, you utilize your nursing skills to serve patients or share your healthcare knowledge with the general public or other nurses.

The difference stems from where you work: in a physical workspace vs. from your own home.

Since 2020, remote nursing positions have increased 392%. These jobs are in a variety of fields, from telehealth to oncology nursing to case management. There are also open remote nursing jobs for nurses with all license types and backgrounds. 


While this abundance of jobs is great, it can be hard to sift through all open roles and find the job that fits your career goals and lifestyle. Luckily, there are tools that connect you to remote nursing positions faster.

How to get a Remote Nursing Job (Faster!)

One of the best tools for finding remote nursing jobs is HireMe Healthcare. This free job app connects you with companies in North Carolina and nearby states who are hiring for a variety of nursing roles, including remote ones.

Once you input your education and work experience, the app creates a resume for you and matches you with remote nursing jobs that fit your qualifications and goals. The entire process takes less than an hour on your end and is completely free.


Before you sign up for HireMe Healthcare, check out our free guides to how to land a remote nursing job, how remote roles differ from IRL ones, and what employers look for in a remote nurse.

Types of Remote Nursing Positions

There’s a large number of nursing specialities and almost all of them exist in the WFH nursing world. When you choose a specific type of role instead of a more general one, you’re more likely to experience increased passion and decreased stress at work.

Working from Home
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Person smiling with a laptop
Working from Home

Remote Nurse Practitioner Roles

If you’re a licensed NP, a remote nurse practitioner job might be for you. In this role, you’ll perform similar duties as other NPs, but online. 


A typical day for a remote NP might look like meeting with three patients on zoom to discuss ailments. Between sessions, you might complete the paperwork, send prescriptions to the right pharmacies, and have remote meetings with other team members.

NP Jobs

Remote Nurse Manager Roles

If you’ve been in the nursing field for five years or more and have a passion for leadership, you might make an excellent remote nurse manager. This role coordinates schedules, responsibilities, and the day-to-day operations of nursing teams involved in the telehealth sector.

Nurse Manager

Remote Oncology Nurse Roles

If you want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, consider oncology nursing jobs. Oncology nurses different appointments and provide support throughout treatment to cancer patients. This is also a great role if you’re looking for a hybrid position, where you can work remotely some days and in a hospital setting other times. 

Want to learn more about oncology nursing? Read our complete guide to finding an oncology nursing role.


Remote Case Management Jobs

Hospitals, private practices, and health insurance companies need nurses to manage case files. Since case management jobs involve filling out, filing, and managing case paperwork, it’s easy to complete all the job requirements outside a hospital or formal office. The various ways in which the skills necessary to build out this role can be applied means there are a large amount of remote nursing jobs in this field.

Case Managment

Remote Telehealth Jobs

Telehealth nurses perform the duties you most likely think of when someone mentions remote nursing jobs. They serve patients in virtual appointments where they take vitals, and discuss symptoms. Because telehealth nurses work in a virtual capacity, almost all of these positions are remote.


Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Hospitals, health insurance companies, and smaller practices need organized, experienced nurses to oversee medical billing and coding. Because this role is on the administrative side, it’s easy to complete in a virtual capacity. There’s also a fair amount of hybrid jobs in this field for nurses who prefer to work in-person with fellow nurses a few days a week. 

Billing & Coding

Remote Nurse Consulting Jobs

Nurses with years of experience should consider remote nurse consulting roles. In these positions, you work with healthcare providers to solve issues in their nursing workforce or healthcare services. It’s an especially great role for nurses with experience in a specific speciality or in leadership. Because nurse consultants focus on ideating solutions, this role is often done remotely or in a hybrid capacity.


Nurse Writing Jobs

Are you passionate about communicating about healthcare with the public? A nurse writing or nurse communication role might be for you. In these remote jobs, nurses utilize their expertise to craft articles, blogs, emails, and other written content for the general public. Some nurse writers also work on research teams or in hospitals and are responsible for internal communications. 


Remote Clinical Research Coordinator

Did you love nursing clinical in school? Or maybe you’re passionate about advancing healthcare and finding new treatments and cures. Either way, working as a clinical research coordinator may be the speciality for you. 


When this role is done remotely, a clinical research coordinator manages the different parts of a research project and checks in virtually with research team members to see what type of support they need.

Clinical Research

Remote Nursing Roles for Your Nursing License

No matter what license you have, remote nursing jobs are available. When looking at WFH roles, keep in mind that you will need to be licensed in the state where the employer resides, and remote employers often want a NLC compact RN, which lets you work in more than one state.

Remote RN Jobs

If you have your RN license, there are plenty of remote nursing roles to consider. Often, remote RNs carry out many of the same duties as in-person nurses. Remote RN jobs are also available for nurses with any experience, from those fresh out of college to seasoned nurse leaders. 


As you search remote nursing jobs in your state, make sure to check the license requirements. If you opt to use HireMe Healthcare, the app will filter for remote RN jobs, saving you time and headaches.

Remote LPN Jobs

As a licensed LPN, your skill set is valuable and translates to a number of remote roles. These include telehealth LPN nurses and remote nurse coordinator roles. When looking at roles, take extra time to make sure a LPN is required. 


Alternatively, you can let HireMe Healthcare filter through open positions to show you ones like the three below that are hiring your license type.

Your Dream Remote Nursing Role is Looking for You!

Good news: your dream remote nursing position is looking for you too! Download the free HireMe Healthcare app today to find that dream job faster. The app features remote nursing jobs in North Carolina and beyond, including all the jobs on this page. 

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