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3 Free Resources to Find the Best Nursing Jobs in North Carolina

Let’s face it: job hunting isn’t fun. Finding and starting a new job can take months— or even years—of late-night applications, nerve-wracking interviews, and constantly refreshing your email for messages from HR managers. Luckily, there are resources to simplify the process and help you find the best nursing jobs in your area. Check out three of our favorites–all free and easy to use.

HireMe Healthcare

The HireMe Healthcare app is one of the easiest ways to find a nursing job in North Carolina. When you download the app, you only have to bring your experience and skillset—we supply the jobs.

On the HireMe Healthcare app, you can scroll through open jobs in your area, message hiring coordinators, schedule interviews, and take the next hiring steps. All in one place. As you can imagine, having one app for finding open roles and coordinating the hiring process saves you hours researching and applying.

HireMe Healthcare also has a great blog and free webinars to help you with your career search. Make sure you check out these essential guides when applying to new roles:

  • 5 things to look for in a new nursing role

  • How much money should you be making as a nurse?

  • Why North Carolina is great for nurses

American Nursing Association’s Career Hub

While you’re searching for jobs, polish up your resume and find the best tips to ace job interviews. Luckily, the American Nursing Association (ANA) has a free career hub with resources on everything from personal branding to writing a cover letter.

Here are some of our favorite guides from ANA:

  • 31 nursing interview questions

  • How to write a nursing cover letter

  • How to find your dream job: 9 career path exercises

Another great way to prepare for job applications and interviews is to look at the free resources provided by Their blog covers topics ranging from career planning to understanding different nursing levels.

Some of our favorite resources from them include:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Resumes

  • Nursing Levels and Ranks Explained

  • Highest-Paying Nursing Careers

3 Free Resources to find the best nursing jobs in North Carolina

With these three free resources to find the best nursing jobs, you should be ready to start your job search. If you’re still unsure and would like more tailored help, contact the HireMe Healthcare team. Our team is always open to discussing your career options in the North Carolina area.


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