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3 Ways to Land More Nursing Job Interviews and Offers in 2023

You’ve polished your resume, filled out a few job applications, and sent them off into the world. The next day when you refresh your email, you haven’t heard back about any interviews–which is totally normal after less than 24 hours. A week goes past, and you check your email more than your Instagram, but still nothing.

How do hiring managers decide who to call for an interview or who to give a job offer to? And more importantly, how can you become THAT candidate? The who’s rolling in interviews and offers for dream nursing roles. Here are our top three tips to get lucky in the nursing job search this month.

Use all resources available to you

Many people only go to Indeed or LinkedIn to look for jobs. These online hiring platforms often get a large number of applications, and they have weird filtering mechanisms. On Indeed, for example, the hiring manager could never see your resume because you didn’t use the phrase mental health on your resume, even if you’ve worked in psychiatric nursing for fifteen years.

Instead, consider alternative avenues that prioritize your experience and qualifications, not if you used certain keywords. These include:

  • Asking nursing friends to refer you to any open roles at their practice

  • Going to in-person networking events

  • Downloading the free HireMe Healthcare app, which connects you to the best healthcare companies and practices in North Carolina

Approach your resume from the point of view of the hiring manager

Every hiring manager is looking for something different. Some value work experience, while others want to see advanced certifications in a specific field. But there’s one thing all hiring managers want: easy-to-read resumes and job applicants.

Comb through your resume once more to make sure everything is clean, concise, and would make sense if someone were skimming it. Better yet, fill out your HireMe Healthcare profile and let the app customize your profile to a hiring manager’s preferences.

Whether you use our app or are applying in a different way, make it as easy as possible for hiring managers to understand your career, to know what you’re looking for in your next role, and how to contact you for an interview.

Have an industry professional review your resume and profile

After you’ve polished off your resume and signed up for more accessible resources, like the HireMe Healthcare app, it’s time to do a deep dive into your profile. The first step is to make sure you fill out all the information on the HireMe Healthcare app. The more information, the easier it is for the algorithm to match you with ideal employers. As you start receiving more reach outs and interviews, it might be time to talk to an industry professional.

When looking for someone to consult with, you want to make sure it’s an open-minded, unbiased party (i.e., the hiring manager at a company you might want to work for probably doesn’t fit the bill). Feel free to reach out to them via email, on social media, or in person to see if they’d be open to a 30-minute informational interview over coffee.

Set yourself up for success during your nursing job interviews.

To make it easier on yourself, book a virtual coffee chat with the HireMe Healthcare team. Our team would love to chat about what you’re looking for in your next role and how to optimize your in-app profile for more interviews and job applications.

You are 100% worthy of those interviews and job offers for dream nursing roles. It’s not your experience or education that’s holding you back. It’s most likely how you’re presenting your professional history or where you’re looking for jobs. The HireMe Healthcare app was built to overcome that hurdle. Let’s get your professional profile seen by the right hiring managers.


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