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How HireMe Healthcare Matches You with Your Dream Nursing Job

Let’s face it, searching for nursing jobs nursing jobs can be exhausting. Between sending in your resume, filling out individual applications for each job, and nerve-wracking interviews, it can be a lot—and sometimes you never even hear back from the employer. What if there was a more authentic, easy way to match with employers actively looking for your nursing skillset?

With HireMe Healthcare, there is. This free app is designed to match highly experienced nurses with North Carolina employers. It’s easier than ever to explore positions from large hospital systems to small private practices.

How exactly does the matching process work? Today we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing our entire matching process.

Create Your Profile

The first step to a new nursing role is to fill out your HireMe Healthcare profile. When filling out the profile, the app will ask for the following:

  • License

  • Education

  • Any relevant certificates

  • Years of experience

To get matched, candidates must share all the fields above in their profile. To make your profile more attractive to employers, you can enter optional boosters like your experience in certain specialties and your availability.

Filling out your profile is like completing a resume, except you don’t have to design how it looks or customize it to each employer. The app does that for you, giving you time for self-care or interviewing for your dream nursing role.

The App Goes to Work

Without HireMe Healthcare, the next step would be sending in your resume and filling out applications for multiple employers.

Once you fill out your HireMe Healthcare profile, everything changes. Instead of you actively seeking employers, the app’s algorithm matches you with hiring managers. These hiring managers contact you through the app about open roles–the jobs come to you, not the other way around.

Currently, the app shows hiring managers a list of candidates, from most qualified to least qualified.

The candidates shown to hiring managers aren’t determined by keywords. Instead, each applicant is matched through customized specifications set by the hiring manager who built the job.

For example, a hiring manager trying to hire for a pediatric ward in a hospital could tell the algorithm to prioritize candidates with pediatric nursing experience in a hospital setting or a certificate in that field. Suppose candidate A has pediatric experience and candidate B has pediatric experience and a certificate. Both will be shown to the hiring manager, but candidate B will be higher on the list.

As of now, nurses can’t see what roles they are matched for, though we’re working on launching this feature soon! If you’re curious about the app's appearance from the hiring manager’s point of view, check out this behind-the-scenes video.

A Human Touch to Hiring

Of course, the hiring process can’t be boiled down to an algorithm—it’s a human process. There has to be a personality fit as well as a skills fit. After all, you spend about half your life at work–you might as well enjoy what you do and who you work with.

When constructing the app’s algorithm, we imagined some intangible elements during the hiring process that the resume or job description alone cannot capture in one simple mathematical equation.

Our matching algorithm does not count people out.

While someone with fewer credentials may not get displayed towards the top of the matching list for a specific role, they will not be invisible to managers just because they don’t meet certain criteria.

That means no one is discounted from a position, and a hiring manager can consider a wide range of candidates.

For example, let’s say there’s an experienced CNA who wants to become an RN in a hospital setting. They’re in the final semester of an accelerated ABSN degree and on track to graduate. They feel good about their chances of passing, so they apply for an RN job; even though they don’t meet all requirements right now, they will after they graduate.

The hiring manager is desperate to find suitable candidates. They’ve had a high turnover because the people they hire leave as soon as they find an RN job in a different workplace. The Hiring Manager starts to think that maybe it’s important to consider demonstrated interest during an interview. So going forward, the hiring manager looks for the person who really WANTS to be part of the team for a longer amount of time.

While they’d prefer to hire someone who already has a license, and they set it as “required” on the website, they’re willing to compromise because fit and longevity are more important for the role.

The candidate's interest and passion come through when they interview the CNA currently working on their ABSN. This person is fit for the role and sees it as a long-term commitment.

This is just one example of the intangible human aspect of the hiring process. An algorithm will never capture all sorts of human factors, which is why we’re not trying to rule someone out if they don’t have every credential.

The Rest Is up to You!

After the app matches candidates and hiring managers, they can use HireMe Healthcare’s chat feature to discuss the job and set up an interview. While we facilitate these conversations, what happens in these chats and interviews is up to you!

Want to learn more about how HireMe Healthcare can help you find your next career? Set up a free 1-1 with our team. In this call, we’ll review your experience, career must-haves for your next role, and how to optimize your in-app profile.


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