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What Do Hiring Managers Look for in Nursing Candidates?

Unless you’ve hired a nurse, you might not know what hiring managers look for when reviewing your profile. Why do they sometimes give you a call for an interview and sometimes ghost you?

How can you meet every qualification for one role and never hear back but only meet half for another and be told you’re the ideal candidate? After talking to thousands of hiring managers in North Carolina, we have some answers.

What Hiring Managers Look for

The hiring process is human, meaning each hiring manager looks for different qualities in a candidate. While some factors, such as education, licensure, certificates, and experience, are the same across the board, hiring managers put different weights on each. There are also intangible aspects they assess during interviews, such as interest in the role, which impact their decisions.

For example, one hiring manager might emphasize finding a candidate with specific certificates and a caring disposition. Another hiring manager for a similar role might prefer candidates with more years of experience and an interest in working in the position long-term. The process is about finding a fit for the hiring managers and your future.

The Easy Way to Get in Front of the Right Hiring Managers

If every hiring manager looks for something entirely different, how can you customize your application without creating a new resume each time?

The HireMe Healthcare app will customize your profile for you. All it takes is two easy steps on your end:

  • Step one: enter your name, email, password, phone number, and zip code. After this step, you can see open roles on the map of your area.

  • Step two: complete your profile. This step will need to be done if you want to “one-click apply” to jobs rather than just browsing through them. It requires you to enter your education, license, certificates, and experience.

Unlike Indeed, you don’t need any keywords or do extra steps because the hiring manager will never miss your profile. Our algorithm goes beyond keywords to show candidates who match the requirements, not a specific phrase.

After completing step two, the app automatically matches you with hiring managers looking for your credentials. You’ll no longer have to guess if you qualify for a role because the app pre-qualifies you and sends the employers to you!

Hiring managers in the app can see all candidates who “one-click apply.” If a candidate has the same skills, education, and experience in their profile that hiring managers are looking for, they will be a high match.

This includes candidates who haven’t applied but are a good match for the role. From there, hiring managers can chat in-app with candidates and set up interviews.

Tips for Candidates

The hiring process is full of unknowns and wondering what hiring managers are looking for. The HireMe Healthcare app removes some of these unknowns so you can spend more of your time on interviews and deciding which role is the best for you to maximize your chances of landing your dream nursing role, go beyond the first registration step. Complete step two and enter as much information about your profile as possible.

We’re here to help you find your dream job!

Any questions on how to optimize your profile for the right hiring managers? We’d love to set up a free 1-1 call with our team. During this call, we’ll discuss your experience, what you’re looking for in your next role, and easy ways to optimize your profile.


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