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Are November and December the Best Times to Apply for Nursing Jobs?

For most, November and December are a time to break out the holiday cookies and decor. But is the end of the year also a good time to dust off the resumes and fill out job applications? If you’re looking for a new nursing role, especially a remote one, the answer may surprise you.

In this guide, we’ll review the job market in November and December, as well as the best times of year to apply for nursing jobs–and the worst. Read until the end for job listings that are accepting candidates right now.

Applying in November

Two factors influence the job market each month:

  1. how much budget companies have for new hires

  2. if it’s a slow or fast season.

Based on both these factors, November is not the best time to be looking for a job. In October and November, most companies are compiling their budgets for the following year. That means they’re doing less hiring, though there still might be some job applications open. The end of the year also tends to be slower, thanks to the holidays, so hiring managers may not be as committed to searching for applicants.

Even so, there is a considerable nursing shortage in North Carolina, meaning there are still plenty of jobs to apply to, even during the slow months. These can include remote nursing jobs if you know how to optimize your profile to land a remote nursing role.

Applying in December

If November is a slow month, it would be logical to assume December would be even slower. Everyone takes off time for the holidays and when at work, there are often holiday parties and other festivities.

While it is true that many companies don’t hire in December, many post new jobs with the expectation that they’ll interview and hire in the new year.

Since the end of the year is a time to reflect, many people also quit their jobs in November and December, freeing up more positions. These are often also posted in December, making December a great time to research and look for new jobs, though you shouldn’t expect too many interviews until January.

Best Times of Year to Apply

Given the nationwide nursing shortage, there isn’t necessarily a bad time of year to apply for jobs. However, some months are better than others. In general, the best months tend to be January, February, March, April, May, and September.

Business News Daily also recommends looking for jobs at the beginning of the workweek since that’s when most job boards update their posting. You might also have more luck researching jobs in the late morning than at other times.

Worst Times of Year to Apply

As we’ve discussed, November and December are not the best times to look for a new nursing role. June, July, and August also tend to be slower hiring months.

When hiring is slower, it’s a great time to reflect on what nursing specialty is right for you or to beef up your education and credentials.

You could also journal on what you like in your current role and what you’re looking for in your next one. Career clarity will prepare you for applying to new nursing roles in busy months, such as January and February.

Nursing Jobs Available Now

Even if November and December are slower months in the hiring world, there are still plenty of amazing remote and in-person nursing roles hiring right now.

To explore open nursing roles in North Carolina and beyond, check out our featured job page and download the HireMe Healthcare app. Your dream nursing job could be one app download away.


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