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Three Tips to Improve Your Nursing Job Search

You’re burnt out in your current role and ready to look for a new nursing job. Even if you’re excited to explore your options, the nursing job search can be intimidating. It often includes multiple interviews, filling out countless job applications, and hoping your next role is more fulfilling. If you don’t want to be fooled during the process, follow these 3 easy tips.

Avoid getting ghosted

We’ve all been there. You hit submit on a job application, get a confirmation email, and then never hear back from the hiring manager again. Ghosts are supposed to be for Halloween, not for the hiring process.

When you apply on job sites like Indeed, your chances of hearing back decrease. Instead of being frustrated by a lack of response, opt for job search platforms that have one-click applications. In the HireMe Healthcare app, if you one-click apply, expect a message from the employer either way. Our process prioritizes giving feedback so you’re no longer wondering if a hiring manager wants to interview you for that dream nursing job.

Watch for red flags

When applying for roles, make sure there are no red flags in the job description. Nursing job listing red flags can include:

  • The listing only describes what the company wants out of an employee and not how it will benefit the employee.

  • The tasks listed are vague.

  • The employer is looking for a nurse with years of experience, but the pay range is below average.

  • The job description is unclear about what shifts you’ll be working.

  • Paid parental leave or other benefits are not included.

If you’re wondering what you should look out for, some green flags in a description include:

  • Specific benefits listed in the description or during the interview

  • Open management style

  • Low turnover rate

Shadow a current nurse

If you’ve been extended a job offer, it could be worth your time to job shadow a nurse at your potential employer’s workplace. Job shadowing is a great way to get a true look at what working someplace will actually be like.

Although it would be very illuminating to job shadow on a day when the workplace is understaffed, if you shadow on a fully-staffed day, how the nurses act and what they say can reveal a lot about a workplace.

If the nurses seem happy when your job shadowing and like coworkers you’d want to work with, it most likely would be a good fit. If people are stressed, allude to understaffed shifts, and/or seem to have a toxic relationship with coworkers or nursing managers, you might want to continue the job search.

The nursing job search doesn't have to be painful.

Don’t be fooled during the nursing job search. By applying on the right platforms, watching out for red flags in job descriptions, and considering if a role is the right fit for you, not just if you are qualified for the role, you can set yourself up for success. Your dream nursing career is out there. Follow these tips and download the HireMe Healthcare app to find it this month.


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