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The "Why" that drives HireMe

Something was off about the way nurses are hired...

...and Trey Ennis, the original founder of HireMe Healthcare, not only sensed it, but decided to do something about it. Was it that he was raised by one of the Charlotte-area's most respected nurses, Karla Ennis (we may be biased, but we're not the only ones who say that about Karla)? Was it that he regularly witnessed it in his daytime job working in hospital operations and float pools right here in North Carolina? Whatever the source, HireMe Healthcare's mission was born and the tech we're building today is directly impacting this vital population and sector.

HireMe Healthcare is here to improve the working lives of nurses, the backbone of our entire healthcare system. The nursing staffing shortage is a crisis, and it's not new. In a 2021 letter to DHHS, the American Nurses Association (ANA) detailed the many challenges nurses across the country face, and the ways COVID-19 exacerbated this already dire reality.

Many responses to filling shortages - while helpful in the interim - are unsustainable and impractical as long-term solutions. With the right approaches to staffing, which begins with thoughtful hiring, addressing the nurse staffing shortage is possible. By prioritizing the needs of its backbone, our healthcare system can improve everything from staff morale to patient outcomes.

Safe staffing levels depend on happy staff. HireMe Healthcare works to:

  1. Reduce costs of staffing,

  2. Fill vacancies efficiently and

  3. Emphasize finding the right fit.

At the end of the day, an effective healthcare system depends on staff retention. HireMe Healthcare is here to match licensed healthcare professionals with the job that keeps both sides happy and effective.


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