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HireMe recognized as an Emerging Startup

We're proud to be serving our local nurse population first, which makes this recognition from the Medical Professionals Charlotte magazine that much more meaningful. Read a bit of their highlight below for an idea of some of our first publicity!

HireMe Healthcare is developing a web and mobile platform to connect healthcare professionals with hospital systems, clinics, and nursing homes to expedite and improve the hiring process.


Underlying the monumental problem of the shortage of healthcare workers, additional problems include the inefficiencies in current hiring practices, the difficulty for healthcare workers to find a job that makes them happy, and the costs wasted in traditional staffing practices. HireMe Healthcare is producing a solution that makes the process easier and the results better for both healthcare workers and workplaces.


HireMe Healthcare's beta apps have proven that the platform can reduce the national average of 90 days to fill a position by at least 60%.

HireMe Healthcare is free for healthcare professionals, and it provides a secure and convenient place to store credentials, licenses, and the information necessary for a resume. Over time, it will evolve to include a platform for content, exclusive discounts, and more for nurses.

The company was founded in 2017 by Trey Ennis, who experienced the pain points in the hiring process working for a major hospital system in Charlotte. The company is raising a pre-seed round, led by co-founder and CEO, Ryan Lee.


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