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Latest Tech Updates! 2022

The wheels are in motion here at HireMe Healthcare! Thanks to our Charlotte-based software developers, Kepler Team, we have built an app and a website that will make a significant difference in the way healthcare professionals are hired.

We're excited to share some of the tech updates we're about to launch!

To those using the app, we're constantly finding ways to make finding your dream job easier. The main ways we're doing that are:

  • A super easy to navigate map screen 🗺️

  • Logical and straight-forward search logistics so you only see the jobs you want to see 🕵️

  • Registration that truly captures who you are as a professional 💯(Don't they say people hardly read resumes anyway?)

BIG changes are coming to the web platform hiring managers use, too!

  • Creating a new position is easier than ever thanks to our user-friendly interface 🖥️

  • Candidates that match what you're looking for will be easy to find! 🔎

Have your own thoughts on what would make finding a new job or new hires easier? We're always interested in new ideas. Let us know!


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