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Why North Carolina Is a Great Place to Live and Work if You're a Nurse

North Carolina is well-known for its sunshine, mountains, beaches, and amazing cities. While it’s a great state for anyone to live in, it has a lot to offer nurses in particular. Check out these four reasons why nurses love working in the Tar Heel State!

Increased opportunities for professional growth

Currently, North Carolina is one of the top five states with the highest need for nurses. Since the state has more open positions than other states, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement and to enter into roles that are more senior than your current job.

A full bank account

While North Carolina doesn’t have the highest average salary for nurses in the nation, it does pay above average. Nurses can expect to make between $56,274 and $84,412 in the Tar Heel state. Pair that with North Carolina’s below-average cost of living and your salary will go much further here than in most other states.

It can beef up your resume

If one of your goals is to work at the forefront of healthcare, North Carolina could be the state for you. That’s because it’s home to the research triangle. The research triangle refers to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area where research in a variety of fields, including healthcare, is well-funded and projects are staffed by top experts.

Additionally, there are also well-funded research projects and healthcare facilities in the Charlotte area that allow nurses to add amazing professional experiences to their resumes.

The amazing quality of life

North Carolina has a lot to offer outside of work too. In fact, Raleigh and Charlotte are among the top ten best cities in the world to live in. The state also offers beautiful mountains and beaches as well as lower-than-average housing and living costs. Plus, the temperate and sunny weather allows you to enjoy all that North Carolina has to offer year-round!

Ready to make the move to North Carolina?


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