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Nurse Jobs Should Not be Hard to Find

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Nurses struggle to find jobs, and clinics struggle to find nurses. With all of the money that is put into nurse hiring, why are 30% of hospitals reporting that they cannot find enough candidates for their open positions? Healthcare professionals keep hearing that there is a shortage of nurses. However, there are plenty of nurses! The problem lies within the healthcare staffing process.

The good news is that there are solutions to healthcare staffing and recruiting challenges. As healthcare professionals become more aware of the possible solutions, we continue to get closer to ending the nurse staffing crisis.

Fast Chart offers 6 solutions that could make all the difference...and at HireMe, we are already working to implement them.

1. Focus on Employee Satisfaction

Healthcare employee turnover is higher than ever, and there are countless reasons why. With units being understaffed, healthcare employees are burnt out from being overworked. On top of that, they also are reporting not getting properly compensated for overworking. Some employees are even reporting that they have tense relationships with supervisors and colleagues. This has only gotten worse in the past 2 years with COVID-19.

2. Find the Right People

Employee dissatisfaction could be less of an issue if healthcare employees were in the right fit career. More and more nurses are looking to move away from traveling and return to permanent positions. HireMe Healthcare focuses primarily on permanent fit, as well as matching candidates and clinics to each other based off of similar wants and needs.

3. Invest in Technology

Employers are looking for a way to streamline the recruitment and staffing process into one system in order to make finding candidates faster and easier. Fast Chart has mentioned it, and HireMe Healthcare is already doing it!

4. Update Training Procedures

Training procedures can influence whether a new hire stays in a new position. With units being understaffed, updated training procedures should include training in other departments to allow more nurses and healthcare workers to float and help other understaffed areas of a clinic.

5. Finding Job Candidates from New Sources

Find a candidate "pipeline" to tap into. It has become an issue that employers think there are more job openings than qualified candidates. However, the candidates are there, employers are just looking in the wrong spot and need to update their staffing process.

6. Outsource Clinical Documentation

Visit the Source below for more information on how to change a healthcare landscape.

If you are a the director or manager of a clinic that is struggling with healthcare staffing, submit a comment below and a member of the HireMe team will reach out with solutions. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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