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Looking for a new career? Beware of these Red Flags

Whether you are currently looking for a new healthcare career or not, think about your last experience you had with a job search platform...When you see a job that you like, what makes you click on it? Is it the Job Title? The Location? The Salary? Or maybe, it's all of the above. Once you click a job that interests you, do you read the entire job description? Or do you skim most of it to see if it's worth applying to?

Healthcare job listings are like promotional email campaigns. What grabbed your attention in the subject line to actually open it? What were you looking for specifically when you opened it?

The reality is, we all are writing our own story in which we are the main character. We all look for specific eye catching items that will allow for our story to flow the way we expected. But what we're missing are the fine details, or road bumps along the way that inevitably set us back from fulfilling our main character's destiny.

1. Vague Descriptions

  • If the description is not explaining in full what the job entails, how is a manager supposed to gauge if someone is right for the job?

2. Too Many Requirements

  • This can potentially mean that the employer does not fully understand what they are seeking.

3. One-Sided Job Listings

  • Make sure the posting is not just explaining what the company needs. YOU are important too! You should always look for how the company would benefit you, rather just learning how you will help them grow. If the company is constantly expressing that they are an exceptional employer, this usually means that they are trying to sell themselves for reasons such as potentially losing too many hires.

4. Mentions of Outlandish "Earning Potential"

  • If the salary is unclear, or there is a wide-ranged salary that is not concrete, this could mean that the job is too good to be true.

5. Indicators of Poor Work-Life Balance

  • Using the terms "must be flexible" or "must be adaptable to change" can be indicators of wearing multiple hats and working more than you were told you would have to.

We spend a majority of our time at work. If you are looking for a new career, always beware of the red flags before you start applying. Healthcare in the United States is continuously changing, and the Nurse Staffing Crisis is real. There is not a shortage of nurses, but employers are having a hard time finding them. If you are looking for a new healthcare career, pay attention to the red flags. Healthcare hiring is crucial, and the hiring process should not be as hard and as long as it is for both nurses and the employers.

Are you struggling to find a job that matches your wants and needs? Or are you struggling with only seeing job postings with the red flags mentioned above? HireMe Healthcare can help! Download our app and sign-up for free to start one-click applying to positions that are looking for someone as great as you.


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