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Nurses Supporting Nurses

We’re proud to promote nurse-led resources intended to support fellow nurses!

Nurses are a special kind of amazing 

And there are an impressive array of resources made by nurses for nurses that are out there to support your work. HMH is proud to partner with these organizations who have made it their mission to support the work nurses do:

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Más Refund

Nurses get free State filing

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Don't Clock Out

Nurses get free State filing

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Operation Happy Nurse

Nurses get free State filing

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Debriefing the Front Lines

Nurses get free State filing

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Your one-stop shop for jobs that need nurses.

Technology has evolved, so why can't the job search do the same? 

HireMe Healthcare's mobile app was designed specifically for nurses who are seeking new job opportunities and career development resources. 

When you download the app, you'll create a one-time profile that you can then use to one-click apply to jobs that interest you. When you apply, the app will then alert the hiring manager responsible for the job opening and you can chat directly in the app with them. We made it so easy, you can apply to jobs while you wait for your morning coffee to brew! 

Ready to learn more? 

Interested in More Job Opportunities?

Download the app today to start 1-click applying!

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Meaningful Content for Nurses

The nursing profession is constantly evolving, which is why we're continuously adding content to our blog. Topics include:

  • How to negotiate your salary

  • Self-care strategies (beyond filling a bubble bath!)

  • Remote nursing information

Nurses first, always.

The number one reason nurses tell us they got into the job?


That's why we built tech meant to empower that compassion and help it grow.

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One-Click Apply Job Applications
Talk Directly to Hiring Managers
What the floor says
"It’s not difficult to find a job as a nurse. It’s difficult to find nurses. So making it easy for the people applying and searching is a good way to go."

RN, Charlotte, NC

Want to learn more?

Need a guide to help you through your job search and career endeavors? Fill out the form on the right to get in touch with our Director of Nurse Relations. 


Topics of conversation can include:

  • App Feedback

  • How to sign up for the app

  • How to enroll in free CEU courses

  • Tips on how to use the app for your job search and application process

  • Nurse topics and getting involved with HireMe's mission!

*Please note! Our HireMe Healthcare team members are NOT recruiters for positions listed on our app. We are, however, a guide in your nursing career.

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