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Registration is now open for our Online Webinar Round 2: How Resiliency Training Combats Nurse Burnout

HireMe Healthcare kicked off the beginning of an online webinar series on August 30th! Click to receive more information on future webinars where we discuss with experts on a variety of topics around healthcare's toughest challenges. 

How It Works

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Nurses find jobs simply

Available on both Apple and Android, our app's easy-to-use features make finding and applying to jobs a breeze.

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Hire your next rockstar

Post jobs, view qualified candidates, schedule interviews and (most importantly) hire your newest team members.

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Match, Chat, Interview

Find a perfect match for your next job/hire with the matchability feature. Communicate directly and schedule interviews using the chat feature.

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HireMe Healthcare was designed with one goal in mind: improving the hiring process by promoting a better connection between healthcare professionals and clinics.

The high technology website and app design allows candidates and hiring teams to match with one another based on specific wants and needs, followed by direct communication.

Our solutions empower better relationships with healthcare professionals from the start of a job posting all the way through one's career

By working together, we can change healthcare hiring for the better. Using our job platform is where we can begin. Finding your perfect match in a career can be life-changing.