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We've been talking to nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Here's what they have been saying...

“Platforms need to stop repeating same jobs I'm not interested in on my platform or profile”

Good news! Our filter options make all of this possible. You won't see jobs you don't want to see.

“I hated the application platform I used prior to HMH for my current position. It was difficult to navigate, and I had to upload a ton of information."
-RN of 3-5 years in current position
“It’s not hard to find a job as a nurse. It’s hard to find nurses. So making it easy for the people applying and searching is a good way to go"
-NC Travel Nurse
"I'm telling you, everyone in the American College of Healthcare Executives knows there is going to be a shift back to permanent staff. HireMe offers a viable solution."
-NC Nurse Manager