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What We Do

As simple as it may sound, we entered this field because we saw the challenges RNs, CNAs, MAs, LPNs, LVNs, and others in your field faced when looking for a new job. We're here to better facilitate connecting you directly to the hiring managers.

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How We Do It

Built with the busy nurse professional in mind, the HireMe Healthcare app is available for download on both Android and iOS phones.

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Once done, you'll never fill out a resume ever again!

Mobile app view that shows a map

Use the map and set certain parameters to find jobs you're most interested in.

An example screenshot from the app that shows the screen where applicants can message with hiring managers

Skip the days of wondering where you're at in the hiring process. Set up interviews with the hiring manager directly in the app.

Receive email updates with opportunities to engage in focus groups, events, industry-related discount codes, and, of course, job opportunities if you're searching for a new job.