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Finding your next hire just got a lot easier.

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What is HireMe Healthcare?

HireMe Healthcare connects healthcare professionals directly to those that want to hire them, cutting the fill rate for nursing vacancies by over 60 days and at a fraction of the cost. Have you heard your members complain about the staffing shortage and difficulty filling positions? We sure have.

Our founder, Trey Ennis, grew up surrounded by nurses, most importantly his mother. After working in hospital operations and experiencing the impediments to efficient staffing firsthand, he decided to fix it. He recruited a team to handle all the mundane stuff so he could focus on developing, testing, and refining a solution that addresses all the root causes of the broken system that is healthcare staffing.

How does it work?

Our integrated mobile and web platform replaces the fluff that's currently slowing down hiring and increasing costs in healthcare. Our sophisticated search algorithm ensures easy filtering for qualified candidates, meaning you're only a few clicks from an interview.

Oh yeah, licensed healthcare professionals can search and 'favorite' clinics too. So if docs aren't scrambling to fill a vacancy today, when that treasured CMA drops in to sheepishly give an unforeseen two weeks notice, the clinic could be scheduling interviews for a replacement before the spiel about "moving to California for greener pastures" is even over.

Do you have a free trial?

We're realistic people here. We know we have to prove ourselves. As a result, we are currently offering a FREE subscription.

Doctor-entrepreneurs and office managers can post jobssearch for qualified candidates and schedule interviews with just a few clicks! We're on call to help them out too. Unlimited use, and, just to make sure we keep the lights on to be their permanent solution, we charge a small flat fee only when they hire. People should pay for results, not process.

Start hiring the smart way.

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